YOUR IDEAS: 10 ways to celebrate Urangan Pier 100 years

FISHING competitions, a pop up restaurant and a sunset dinner are some of the creative suggestions to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Urangan Pier.

Here are ideas suggested by you on Facebook: 

1. Colourful lanterns along the entire pier, set with tables and chairs for a sunset meal provided by 3 or 4 of the nearest restaurants. A local group playing (not too loud) to set the mood of celebration and a lucky draw for the people attending. A photograph taken to commemorate this special occasion.

- Moira Branson 

2. Maybe something to help the community as well as celebrate it? Photo boards from throughout the years displayed of the pier and a photo competition for all the magnificent photo's that the community has taken of it and use it as a display somewhere in town as the prize. Also have a celebration! Put on some local buskers to play during the day, some food and market local stalls, children's entertainment and a fishing comp for the adults. 

- Shae Peake

 3. A pop up restaurant along the pier

-Angela Wilkins


Urangan Pier Festival
Urangan Pier Festival Valerie Horton


4. Not local charity but maybe set up an auxiliary for the pier to keep it upgraded and maybe in the future extend it to its former glory and keep council away from it

- Belinda Mason 

 4. Ball where everyone has to wear what they wore 100 years ago

- Belinda Mason

KITES! Would love to see a huge kite display

Urangan pier
Urangan pier

- Armel Marmel 

5.  100km run, to maryborough and back 

- Melissa Dower

6. Fire works & market stalls & balloons big celebration

-Sabrina Rule


 7. A fabulous sunset dinner , set with beautiful settings along the pier, with special guest chefs, fabulous food and amazing music. Let the celebration begin!

- Vikki Logan

The Urangan Pier
The Urangan Pier Contributed

- Poetry competition ( no doggerel)

- Doggerel poetry competition.
- Photography display (this photo would be a great one if it wasn't for the dog)
- Pier banquet
- Short story competition with selected finalists published in a Pier book.
- Major prize in 2016 art show for a Pier category (acquisative by Council)
- Pier Fair.
- Bicycle ride from Maryborough to the pier (money to local charity) culminating in community BBQ.
- Low tide sand sprint competition.

- Wilhelmus Breikers 

8. Carnival theme with food stalls, games, gift stalls and fireworks

- Dan Baumgart 

9. Fishing comp

- Glen Parker 

10. Fire works ( new year fireworks too )

- Andrew Ray 

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