A LETTER writer isn't the only one who believes more people need to show some respect for the Urangan Pier.

A letter from M Lord in Dundowran who is concerned the pier is becoming a dumping ground has got the attention of our Facebook community.

Phil Waser: I walked the pier once at sunrise and found an empty bottle of Bundaberg rum.

Thinking it was a bad look for tourists I picked up the bottle and carried it.

Jan Hawes: People have no respect,they leave there mess for someone else to clean up, I see rubbish dumped all around Hervey Bay.

Kyle Mckeown: Maybe putting bins along there and the odd deck hose to wash it down?

There's always a way around things, it's a pier where the young and old go fishing of course there's gonna' be blood what would you rather the younger generation running a muck through town or going fishing? Simply eliminate the problem rather then crying over it

Susie Huerta: People need more respect in general whether it's taking rubbish with them or showing consideration for others.

As for the pier, I'm not going to pretend I don't swear but hearing those foul mouthed kids on the pier is disgusting. I can't walk my young kids down there.

Gus Warde: I often find the packages from bait wedged between the planks. I would of thought people that fish would have some more thought about what they left behind which in many cases would end up in the sea from which they fish

Chris Hind: I go out there a fair bit and as I see it 95 percent do the right thing.

Chris Callander: Don't go to the pier anymore. It's been ruined by ferals and thugs

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