Your say: Breastfeeding in public sparks debate on Coast

FRASER COAST Chronicle readers think women should have the right to feed in public without having to cover up.

It comes after a mum said she was confronted by a male staff member who told her it was against Kmart's policy to allow breastfeeding in the store.

The local Fraser Coast community has had their say on the controversial topic.

Marlie Lovelock thinks woman shouldn't have to cover up while breastfeeding in public.

"If we all started doing it and start standing up to those who are "offended" they'd soon get the hint to get over it," she said.

Chronicle reader Craig Rowan said if the staff member was personally offended then he should have been put out the back in the loading dock away from customers.

Bek Thomson says she's been abused in food courts for breastfeeding even when she was completely covered up.

Natasha Bosel questioned why it was so offensive for a younger man to see a woman breastfeeding in public.

A Kmart representative apologised for the breastfeeding incident that happened in North Queensland, and said it would not happen again.

"We absolutely do not discourage women from breastfeeding in any of our Kmart stores, and we sincerely apologise for what has occurred.

Nell Lappin says she's all for women feeding their babies in public but wants mums to show some respect and cover up if they can.

"Don't just flop it out like you're at home," Nell said.

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