YOUR SAY: Concerns rates rise could mean owners fall behind

FRASER Coast residents have weighed in after the council confirmed it could not rule out a rates rise for some properties.

It comes days after a major overhaul of the council's rates system which includes reducing the interest charged on overdue rates.

Land valuations, the process by which a plot of land's value is determined by the State Government, could lead to a rates rise for some of the Fraser Coast's properties.

On the Chronicle's Facebook page, Clarissa Evans said she knew so many people who were behind in rates payments this year.

"If the council keeps going, it will be a ghost town," she said.

"Many people are on one income and many are pensioners.

"Cost of living is going up constantly but wages aren't."

Sonia Jarvis agreed: "You've got that right".

Aleisha Woolnough wondered whether many properties had gone up in value.

"One of ours stayed the same and the other went down," Ms Woolnough said.

Sharee Ann Hemsley said the value of her property had also decreased, while Kylie Edwards and Jen Hill said the value of their properties had increased.

Ross Liesch told residents to keep an eye on their rates notices when they arrive.

"Last time the billing was changed everyone was concentrating on the general rates charges but it was all the other charges which rose," he wrote.

Wayne Broom said his water rates had already gone up.

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