YOUR SAY: Fury after parent tells child to pose with dingo

FRASER Coast readers have reacted to the news a parent told a child to pose with a dingo for a a photo on Fraser Island.

 A child was being encouraged by their parent to get closer to a dingo for a photograph, before the dingo then lunged at the child.

It was one of 22 'threatening interactions' on the island this month.

Other incidents on the island included parents encouraging children to try to pat a dingo and leaving children unsupervised.

One high-risk interaction occurred at the Eli Creek Day Use area when a dingo approached a woman on a tour, and the tour leader, and was snarling, snapping teeth and vocalising.

The tour leader scared the animal off.

Andrea Mackander: And if it bit the child it would be destroyed.

Pamela Rooney: Seems like the visitor education program is a dismal failure! Back to the drawing board Queensland Parks and Wildlife. Obviously visitors ignore requests not to feed or approach the dingo, so what's plan B? Hopefully plan C is being worked on.

Breeanna Riley: I hope the tourist was fined!!!

Lyall Caz Thompson: The parents of this child should be fined.

Pat Davies: Rarely has this happened on Fraser Island until just recently, seems Fraser Island will be shut down.

Nicola Smart: Asking for trouble.

Anne Thursby: If a tourist cannot abide our rules for our dingoes please stay home.

Dane Kinnear: Doesn't matter who it is, where they're going, it should be mandatory to learn of the dangers of a country before being allowed in.

Suzanne Robi: Hope they have been banned from K'gari.

Brad Kaotic Kronic: And they wonder why they attack people. Put the tourist in jail instead of killing the poor dingo.

Zjena Kljinskovic: There are signs everywhere on the for dos and don'ts.

Gregory Rooney: What's wrong with people?

Sharron Barnes: I swear people are stupid.

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