YOUR SAY: Fury over panic buying on Fraser Coast

RIDICULE, disgust and surprise were some of the reactions from readers upon hearing panic buying had started again in Maryborough.

Severe weather across the Fraser Coast prompted the outbreak at Maryborough Woolworths, with bread, long life milk, dog food and toilet paper flying off the shelves.

Reactions were mixed on the Chronicle's Facebook post.

Krystle Hardie reminded people they wouldn't die "if you don't have milk or bread for a day or two."

Jeanette Lloyd said there was no bread when she went on her fortnightly shop.

"What are the panic buyers thinking to achieve by buying so much? If they can't freeze it or lose power what are they going to do, eat sangers for all meals... ridiculous," she wrote.

"An emergency food stash should be tin foods, not perishables... mouldy bread and lumpy milk will be no go to you in the long haul," Abbey Esther Vincent-York wrote.

"Happens all the time and probably has been for days because of people being stupid," Cory Blinco wrote.

Annette Scougall remided people there was no need to panic buy.

Greg Gersbach lamented that people were "greedy" and said there was no need for this type of behaviour.

Jason Weston wondered if it was a "conspiracy to sell more bread and milk that would otherwise go stale."

"It's funny, as kids we were fed bread cut in little squares with sugar & milk. I better shush, there will be a run on sugar too," Noelene Kemmis Hunt wrote.

"Yeah its not as though it takes a week or so for the rivers to go down," Jodi Winter wrote.

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