YOUR SAY: Holiday season drug drivers

IT WAS news which came as a shock to some, but expected for many.

This holiday season, almost three times the number of drug drivers had been caught on the Fraser Coast compared to drink drivers.

Before Christmas Day, officers had caught 19 drug drivers, seven drink drivers and 116 speeding motorists.

A Facebook post by the Chronicle sharing the numbers attracted a number of residents who shared their fury.

Some were surprised drug drivers had overtaken the number of drink drivers.


Others felt it was a reality which many had already realised.

Helen Maffescioni: And please give the truckies on the road a break.

Remember they are only on the roads to deliver YOUR food, grog etc.

They would rather be home with their families and enjoying the holidays.

Julie Edwards: They need to start testing for different drugs, those that are not already being tested, they would catch 3 times the amount.

Katherine Dumbleton: Maybe time for more real consequences for those who get caught.

Accidents change lives in an instant they simply don't think about that.

Wendy Jane: Tell us something we don't already know.

Tina Louise: Obviously they aren't sitting outside pubs then.

Robert Macfie: Sign of the times.

Used to be booze now it's drugs. What comes next is anybody's guess.

Edyn Gosano Eedz: Not shocked at all.

Kerryl Jones: Never learn.

Annette Brooker: Surprise surprise.

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