YOUR SAY: Horrific koala image

FRASER Coast Chronicle readers have expressed their outrage at a horrific image showing a koala screwed to a Wide Bay park post which went viral.

Conservationists were unable to confirm whether or not the koala was alive at the time it was attached the the post. Unfortunately, it was not the worst thing they had seen done to koalas.

Residents showed just how infuriated they were through a post on the Chronicle's Facebook page.

Here are just some of the comments made by readers.


Rozy N Andy Mason: I hope this poor koala was not alive at the time. What a disgusting, vile thing to do, my heart hurts seeing things like this.

Wendy Walker: What is going on with people these days. How could anyone do this. There are not harsh enough penalties for people who hurt animals. Jail time or shot on the spot would be good.

Margaret Henderson: What a disgusting, vile creature or creatures to do such a despicable thing. This is why I don't want to be around people. Instantly sick to the stomach.

Melanie Garland: What is the world coming to?

Priscilla Jane Downs: What sort of a person would do this - someone who knows someone who did this - report them to get them taken out of society.

Jo Jo Miller: How could anyone do such a terrible thing to a defenceless animal.

Julie Ralph: Disgusting act.

Stacey Anne: DNA test the koala find these sick disgusting ferals.

Neil Easton: I am in tears, unbelievable.

Chris Baker: How sad.

Agata Stewart: What is wrong with people!

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