YOUR SAY: Legalising recreational marijuana

THE Government has launched an attack on a new plan by the Greens to legalise recreational marijuana.

The party's leader Richard Di Natale unveiled a new drug law reform policy on Tuesday to decriminalise the drug for adults in Australia, saying those convicted of drug use have to live with a criminal record, which can hinder their chances of landing jobs.

Fraser Coast residents have had their say on the suggested drug law reform policy.

Lyn Joy Hill: "Why legalise another vice? We have enough legal vices as it is."

"I certainly wouldn't like my workers going to work and smoking the stuff. Work and pot do not mix."

Sue Brooks: "Yay. About time."

"So much easier and more economically sensible.


"Cause gee whiz our war on drugs by criminalising it is such a fantastic success isn't it.

"PS I do not use it."

Brian D Branch: "Recreational cannabis is not the same product as medicinal cannabis.

"The recreational varieties of the plant is dangerous for you (and for others), just like family relations of the tomato are dangerous.

"We need to have varieties like Charlotte's Web used in medicine.

"We didn't need varieties that have people going high off the rocks."

Ron Possingham: "It's okay in Canberra, good for them so why can't we have the same law?"

Jason Sladok: "When it's cheaper to buy a bit of weed than a packet of legal cigs, you know something is out of whack with the system."

Allan J Smith: "Seriously, does anyone still believe cannabis is a dangerous drug?"

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