YOUR SAY: Let's be one of those forward thinking communities

ROLLING out the welcome mat is a common goal of mayoral candidates and our Facebook community couldn't agree more.

Deanne Wetherell says we need all the tourists we can get to get the economy up and running again.

"It is so quiet at the moment," she said. 

Currently the Fraser Coast's RV policy is documented in the Camping Options Strategy; formed by a stakeholder group last year.

The policy resulting from the group's report was a "stop and shop" plan for RVs stopping at Hervey Bay and Maryborough and a $10 permit system for Tiaro.

STORY HERERoll out the welcome mat for RV visitors on Fraser Coast

We asked on Facebook - Yes or no: should the Fraser Coast "Roll out the welcome mat" for RVs? 

Jan Steffen said we've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by rolling out the welcome mat for RVs on the Fraser Coast.


"Let's be one of those positive, forward thinking communities," Jan said. 


Terry Bell said by offering a safe and welcoming destination for travellers revenue within the community would only grow.  

"This can only be a good thing for the community at large," Terry said. 

Irene Leegwater thinks we've missed the boat but hopes we can influence new travellers.

"This area is missing out on not only a few travellers, but possibly 1000s of travellers because the word has already gone out that we are not RV (Recreational Vehicle) friendly," Irene said.

"We are now joining the mob and hopefully we can influence many on our new travelling friends to come this way. In the places that the travellers are made welcome, they spend their dollars," she said. 

Gordon Lyford believes the Fraser Coast should be a regular weekend getaway throughout the year for travellors from the south and on Fraser Island.

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OUR SAY: Win not just for M’boro factory

This announcement means so much

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