YOUR SAY: New Year's Eve plans

FOR some, New Year's Eve is one of the most exciting days of the year.

A day to welcome in the New Year and to celebrate with friends and family.

For others, it isn't so much fun.


Fraser Coast Chronicle readers responded to an article which seemingly points out everything wrong with New Year's Eve.

For instance, "the pressure", "the expense", "the drinking", "the traffic", "the terrible TV" and "the hangover".

We asked what your New Year's plans were on Facebook. Here's what you said.

Steven Whitaker: Watching football and going to bed to listen to my radio scanner.

Super moon, NYE and (pouring) down rain. Sadly I'm sure it will be busy.

Zjena Klijinskovic: Celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve.

Vonnie Rose: Watching big bash and drinking beer.

Geneal Hohn Kershaw: Absolutely nothing. Just another year with a different digit.

Sue Baxter Deer: Watching tennis whilst sipping on a G&T or two.

Darren Williams: Went down to the fireworks got soaking wet with my wife and daughter (then) went home.

Shelley Jones: Staying home and watching Mad Men DVD.

Then Sydney fireworks as always.

Rozy N Andy Mason: Sleeping & waking up to the new year fresh.

Cindy Allen: Working.

Graham Slean: Camping and loving it.

Kelly Rose: Sitting home watching some lame movie on TV and occasionally drinking wine.

Melissa Murray: Celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday and just having a quiet end to the year with my daughters.

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