Your say on men making up majority of road fatalities

THE Chronicle's story about men being urged to stop misbehaving on our roads after newly released statistics revealed they made up 74% of national road fatalities got a huge response on Facebook.

Some readers agreed with the data while others believed women were just as bad if not worse.

Brian D Branch: "Children under 16 cause virtually zero car fatalities."

"I guess this proves that children are the most safe, responsible, sane drivers we can possibly have on the roads.

"Yes, there are probably a percentage of men who are on average less sensible on the road however before bashing statistics about, how about considering the fact that males on average, are on the road longer than the average female, which will skew the statistics somewhat."

Tonyh777: "Seems the fatality rate goes up similar to the amount of increased enforcement and fines."

"Perhaps people are so worried about getting fined their watching their speedometers more then they are the road."

Craig Grace: "I just had some fool in a brand new looking four wheel drive follow me from Maryborough half way to the road about following so close to the back of my car I was worried he would end up in my boot if I had to even slow down a little!"

"I was doing the speed limit but apparently that wasn't enough.

"I'm sick of aggression on the roads, trying to make people go faster.

"I'd rather arrive alive with all my points thanks very much."

Sharon Le: "What an insult to men."

"I know terrible female drivers who should not be on the road."

Peter Dickson: "Women make up 87% of motor vehicle insurance claims?"

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