Your say on rival gay marriage bill

READERS have had their say on a new bill to legalise same sex marriage which would allow businesses to refuse to provide services for a gay couple's weddings.

Ministers of religion and celebrants that object to gay marriage would also be able to refuse to preside over a wedding if it went against their beliefs under the new bill released by conservative MPs yesterday.

Kylie Salmon questioned if we'd stepped back to the 1950s.

"Have we time warped back to a time when people could legally discriminate and segregation was the norm?" she questioned.

"Should they also not be allowed to use public toilets, should ER services be allowed to refuse care, should a cafe refuse service based on someone's colour, race or sexual orientation?

"It's not okay for the average business or services to do this, it shouldn't be okay for a wedding business to openly discriminate."

Also concerned about discrimination, Sarah Winterbottom asked if businesses would also be allowed to refuse service to coloured people, people in wheelchairs and people with mental illness.

"It is discrimination plain and simple," she said.

Chronicle reader Fiona McNamara labelled it as disgusting.

"Where are we living and what era?.... it seems we are going backwards in our society's thinking," she said.

"Any business that thinks like that I will not be going to."

Amanda Jaworski agrees that a pastor, minister or celebrant should have this right, but any other wedding supplier would be stupid to give up the extra profit.

Bucking the trend of the majority of respondents, Scott Yarrow said business owners should have a choice.

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