YOUR SAY: Are fuel prices on the Fraser Coast fair?

MOTORISTS on the Fraser Coast are outraged about concerns that fuel companies are manipulating fuel prices ahead of Christmas. 

Hervey Bay's fair fuel price was $1.36 per litre while Maryborough's was slightly lower at $1.32 per litre on Wednesday.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said the price increases were "incredibly unfair".

Chronicle reader Tina Louise said it wouldn't surprise her if fuel companies put their prices up at this time of the year. 

"Of course prices are on the rise before Christmas, Easter and any other part of the year that has holidays," she said. 

"As I say rich get richer while we the customer gets poorer."

Veronica Copeland agreed. 

"Why am I not surprised," she said. 

"Its always the same, ripping us all off at any chance they get. 

"Where is the regulating body?"

Another reader said we should be paying less than a dollar for fuel at the bowser. 

"The petrol companies have been shafting us for year," Shane Vermey said. 

Commenting on the rip off prices, Kerry Browning said we were already paying too much in taxes and fuel prices needed to come down.

Ralph Mounfield from the Torres Strait asked people to stop complaining. 

"We pay $3.30 a litre here," he said. 

With the high price of fuel it was no wonder teachers nurses and volunteers were not keen to do remote postings, Ralph said. 

Chronicle reader Julie Edwards feels ripped off. 

Tammy Bell suggests filling up just before Gympie where fuel is cheaper.

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