YOUR SAY: Readers divided over coal mine south of M'boro

OUR Facebook community is divided after hearing the news that early exploration is being carried out south of Maryborough for a potential future coal development. 

While some believe the project would be a move in the right direction for our local economy, others believes mining is just a short-term fix. 

For Maryborough's Danielle Hynes, any news of growth in our area should be welcomed with open arms. 

"If you disagree, open you eyes when you are next in what was our beautiful prospering little town," Danielle said.

"Our kids are leaving as soon as they leave school and with their parents getting made redundant due to lost contracts...unfortunately all we have is people on benefits lining our streets," she said. 

Sarah Laycock said "bring it on."

"More job opportunities and a boost for the economy," she said. 


On the other side of the discussion, Chris Anderson shared his views on mine shut-downs. 

"From what I hear mines only give you a false economy boost, when the mine shuts a year later your little town will be ruined," he said. 

Dale Foster said opening a new mine in the area would be pointless. 

"Why open a new mine at all when the forecast is for a huge reduction in coal exports?" 

Global Ore Discovery spokesman Chris Crae said explorations of the area were still in very early stages and testing was ongoing.

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