Bronson and Ines’ union has been far from happy and the ultimate car crash TV
Bronson and Ines’ union has been far from happy and the ultimate car crash TV

YOUR SAY: Readers react to MAFS groom dropping the C-word

IT WAS the moment that shocked Australia - and Fraser Coast readers have reacted online.

Bronson, a groom on the popular reality television program Married at First Sight, dropped the C-word.

Specifically he said his fake wife, Ines, was a C-word during Sunday night's commitment ceremony.

Given her own bad behaviour on the honeymoon, where she repeatedly screamed at her new husband to "shut the f**k up," some thought Ines had it coming.

"Well ... he wasn't wrong, his statement was pretty spot on," Jay Bede commented.

Theresa Dean said Ines' behaviour had been "vile".

"If he spoke to her the way she speaks to him then everyone would be crying abuse," she said.

MAFS: Who will make it and who will split?

Sue Downey was over the whole series.

"I wish they'd story doing these ridiculous experimental programs then we wouldn't be subject to the rubbish," she said.

Barbara Hughes said the experts didn't try to matchmake and it was all for ratings.

Andrew Felgendrejeris weighed in on the issue.

"And people were worried that legalising gay marriage would make a mockery of such a 'sacred institution'," she said.

Tara Irvine said she didn't normally agree with using the word.

"I'm not one to like the C word but when you act like that ... you deserve to be called the C word ... as they say - if the shoe fits."

Alan Lias wrote "maybe this is the reason they are single," while Sue Pattison said Ines was "just horrible".

"This season is so juicy," Lucy Freshwater

Man brutally attacks 18-year-old girlfriend

premium_icon Man brutally attacks 18-year-old girlfriend

This week he was sentenced in Hervey Bay District Court.