YOUR SAY: Readers react to school assault

FRASER Coast Chronicle readers have expressed their frustration following news of a school yard assault which left a student with broken bones.

The 16-year-old Mackay State High School student was thrown down a flight of stairs at her school last year and as a result suffered a broken tail bone.

Months later, she said her nose was broken after she was punched in the face.

Margaret King Cooper: What is happening to our young ones, they are so angry they have to hurt others? I hope she recovers soon.


Sandy Taylor: Home schooling might help a few - but there's lots to truly be lost in it. Kids need to have friends (and) they also need to learn to live and learn and trust others. They will one day have to work with people, take orders and instruction from others, learning how to handle friendships (and) bullies and understand not only themselves but why and how others cope and/or became bullies.

Juju Moon: Why can't the bullies be expelled from school and have to undergo an anger management course and have to publicly apologise to the kid and parents in front of the whole school. That would work wouldn't it... so sad.

Irene Smith: Moral and respectful behaviour starts at home. From day 1.

Brent Smith: This is what happens when a generation isn't disciplined by their parents or authority figures.

Tracey Jeffery: Home schooling is going to be the norm in coming years as parents fight to protect their kids. Not only to protect their kids from bullies at school but from sexual molestation and the sexualising of kids through safe school programs.

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