Some cat owners are refusing to desex their animals.
Some cat owners are refusing to desex their animals.

YOUR SAY: Readers weigh in on owners refusing to desex cats

READERS are reacting to the controversial decision by some cat owners not to desex their animals.

Walker Street Veterinarian Surgery manager Anja Kleigrewe told the Chronicle there should be no reason people are avoiding this.

Michael Simula: Cats should be treated exactly the same as dogs, registered, micro chipped and desexed. Why are they treated any differently, is this not discrimination?

Natasha Head: And this is why cats should have registrations like dogs. Then they would know who they belong to and fine them if they aren't desexed. I as a dog owner have to have my dogs registered and desexed or I get hit with a fine yet my dogs never leave my yard without being on a lead and aren't out killing native animals.

Kylie Arrowsmith: People who own cats need to be more responsible.

I just got a puppy and have to prove I have had her desexed or an appointment letter from vet to council before I can register her.

If you want to own a pet, they come with expenses.

Vanessa Lazarus: All animals not just cats.

Nobody listens still want to backyard breed it's beyond disgusting. Especially when you see majority end up at the pound.

Ross Stoddart: Cats are an introduced species that have caused irreversible damage to our native animals and ecosystem.

Betty Neucom: I don't know where you get your animals desexed but where I live it is very expensive.

Stephen Matthews: People who do not de-sex their cats should be fined $10,000 for environmental damage to native fauna ... no ifs or buts.

Sabrina Rule: Yeah like dumping the kittens who have now grown and have my mother feeding them to try and trap them as council told her (that's) the best way. Yep she can't catch the last two. And one is a now pregnant female so the cycle is going to continue.

Yet all this could of been prevented if they desexed the cat or better yet not dumped a litter of kittens.

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