YOUR STORY: Join action group to campaign against council

YOUR STORY: Sincere thanks to all of the writers in Saturday's Chronicle (28/02/15) including the author of The Phantom comic strip - expressing common sentiments for this time: "Nothing you can do about it!" and  "So negative!" and  "There's always something that somebody can do!"

The entire council needs to really listen to the hurting  of local businesspeople and have a swift change of heart about its plans, for example, to remove the pavers, particularly from the footpaths in Adelaide and Kent Sts and either to use them, we understand, in Hervey Bay, and/or to sell them on.

Not to mention the other massive changes that are planned, to our knowledge, so far - lights, etc.

While the aims of council could be lauded as attempts to produce a pleasing and uniformly aesthetic appearance for our footpaths, etc, sadly, there seems to be no understanding of the need to dig up the proposed, new concrete aggregate for maintenance work in the future.

And when such work has to be done, the consequent loss of its initial appeal-  witness the repairs in the footpath in Bazaar St.

Worse than that, the businesses of our struggling traders in those parts of our CBD will almost certainly not survive.

Please remember the businesses that did not survive the closure of part of Main St in Hervey Bay late last year.

The combined effects of a live, industrial kind of landscape, for at least 32 weeks, with its attendant noise, dust and the deterring of customers from entering business premises, will send more people over to Station Square.

To a type of shopping complex that can be found all over Australia.

The frail, elderly and physically handicapped, (thinking of their carers, pushing wheelchairs), may be intimidated by the worksites, over many months, and may not return to their customary shops, especially if Christmas trade is still affected by the last phase of the proposed program.

And despite all the claims to the contrary, while this massive project proceeds, tourist shoppers especially will probably not patronise our local businesses in buildings that add so much ambience to the appeal of our city and make it a sheer delight to frequent.

If councillors will not hear the increasing torrent of complaints from traders and customers and begin real consultations, out-of-hours, then our community must act.

Leaving no alternative but to begin a strong campaign to get rid of our local representatives, asap.

We simply cannot wait until 2016, when the next local government elections are due, and allow such an appalling neglect of people's needs and waste of money, to continue.

A petition to the council, on its own, will get very short shrift, judging from recent attempts.

However, a bundle of activities may well remind councillors that they have only about a year,  before their current term ends, to convince voters they are actively listening and responding to local issues.

Perhaps councillors need to be reminded that, if public concern is vocal enough, a referendum could be called by the new Minister for Local Government, resulting in the entire council and senior administration being removed.

It seems that a significant part of our population will no longer be put off by spin-doctoring and/or downright refusal to authentically respond to matters of concern.

To show our city that it is not too late would interested people please suggest a venue for meetings and/or a source of funds, which a small action group can use, to begin the campaign?

So that the committee will be in a position to call disciplined, public meetings, possibly at the same venue, to share our concerns and to highlight our issues to the media.

Constructive suggestions are very welcome and can be left in a box at Coconuts or at Mitchell's Modern Pantry, (both in Adelaide St).

Please consider how you can help, even if it is only chatting with family and friends.

We need a critical mass of informed residents to effect change.

- Kevin Kingswell, Maryborough

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