YouTube yobbos a Fraser disgrace

A still image from a video posted on YouTube, which shows this young tourist grabbing the steering and singing loudly into the driver’s face, among other things.
A still image from a video posted on YouTube, which shows this young tourist grabbing the steering and singing loudly into the driver’s face, among other things.

A YOUTUBE video showing a drunk and unrestrained passenger skylarking as his mate tries to drive a 4WD along a Fraser Island beach has been labelled a disgrace by the community.

The two-minute video, accessible to millions around the world, is filmed inside the vehicle and shows the front seat passenger singing loudly in his driver’s face, bouncing around and at one stage tugging on the steering wheel.

The young man, who appears drunk and is clearly not wearing a seatbelt, is seen swigging from a drink, lying down on the seat and kicking his legs out the window as the car navigates one of the island’s beaches.

He is also smoking a cigarette, which he apparently later discards by throwing it out the window.

Titled “Wasted driving on Fraser Island singing Tommy K”, the film was posted weeks ago and yesterday had been viewed by more than 70 people.

Disgusted viewers have added comments after watching.

One person describes it as “sickening”, while another labels the people involved “a disgrace”.

“You make me sick!” one post says.

Others say: “These people are a disgrace”, “Your actions speak very poor for your generation ... poor behaviour even for a drunken yobbo” and “You dare to come to this beautiful island and disobey road rules by interfering with the driver and putting limbs out of the window, drinking alcohol in a moving vehicle and throwing cigarette butts on the beach.

“You are a disgrace and do not deserve to be allowed on Fraser Island.”

In a separate post, the same person adds: “Sorry, I forgot no seatbelts. I will be referring this to the police for the appropriate legal action.”

Traffic Branch Sergeant Tony McCarthy also slammed the behaviour which, he said, could be the subject of police charges.

“The passenger can certainly be charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle once he starts tampering with the vehicle, like holding on to the steering wheel,” Sgt McCarthy said.

“It does seem to be clear stupidity ... and those sorts of things aren’t tolerated.

“Ultimately, what can happen is that lives are lost because of this sort of behaviour.”

The footage also gives weight to the argument that young tourists fail to take the dangerous driving conditions of the island seriously.

In December, a young Japanese tourist was killed and seven others injured when their hired 4WD rolled on the island. Initial reports showed the passengers were not wearing seatbelts.

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