October 2019

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August 2019

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After concerns about the metered parking area in Maryborough's Bazaar St carpark were raised , the council will undertake a review of parking in the CBD

Last remaining parking meter scrapped in CBD

"Scrap paid paying at the airport, you are not wanting people to use our airport. It is a rip off. "

April 2019

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New near-tragedy lends force to calls for a real Fraser Island probe

It's Azaria Chamberlain over again as innocent are blamed

"Yes u are right. Feed them on one end of the island. Where no one can go."

August 2018

May 2018

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February 2018

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CHRIS Loft's 669 days as Fraser Coast Mayor has dramatically ended after a historic sacking.

HISTORIC: Loft first mayor in Queensland to be sacked

"The of the Fraser Coast people voted to put him as major, we should be the one to kick him out, not..."

January 2018

December 2017

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September 2017

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