April 2018

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The Government has launched an attack on a new plan by the Greens to legalise recreational marijuana.

YOUR SAY: Legalising recreational marijuana

"I AM DEAD AGAINST IT. just another excuse for people to drive whilst Hugh on drugs which in turn will..."

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Fraser Coast motorists have welcomed new hi-tech cameras, which can detect drivers using their mobile phones without them even knowing

YOUR SAY: Fraser Coast welcomes hi-tech cameras

"This should happen right across Australia. I was driving recently and out of the blue, I gad an suv..."

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ABORTION is still a crime in Queensland, but it’s time we gave women the right to make informed choices about their health. I know from experience it’s a decision not taken lightly, writes Margaret Wenham.

‘I had an abortion and I have no regrets’

"I was gang rapped at 16, fell pregnant and my dad forced to have an abortion. Never had the chance to..."

February 2018

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It's time for people who have been found guilty of stomach-churning crimes to face harsher penalties.

It's time criminals face real penalties

"This should also be for all criminals. And why wait until more innocent kuves are list before we all..."

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For more than 16 years Penny Elder has campaigned to have compulsory swimming lessons taught to Fraser Coast schoolchildren.

Fraser Coast swim teacher's plea for curriculum change

"I fully agree it should happen all over Australia. It would save sooo many more children's lives. I..."

January 2018

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A Fraser Island tour guide was still drunk when he got behind the wheel with a group of backpackers on-board.

Fraser tour guide drink-drives while driving backpackers

"He should have been breath tested before getting behind the wheel and endangering the lives of the..."

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Chronicle readers had a varied response, with Simon Dickson saying a referendum had already been held and support for a republic had decreased in recent years.

YOUR SAY: Postal vote in the offing for Australian republic

"Surely there are more important topics to deal with."

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SECOND only perhaps to “When are you getting married?” is the dreaded question, “What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?”

NYE is the ‘most pathetic holiday’ of the year

"I fully agree. It it does is bring out all the idiots who cause horrific damage, accidents & trouble..."

December 2017

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We posted a story about the people of Miller, who are concerned at a proposal to introduce the cashless welfare card to the town.

Your say on cashless welfare card in southern town

"I think it’s a great idea it will stop people buying cigarettes and alcohol. I don’t smoke or drink. ..."

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A BUNDABERG driver had to do a double-take as he was driving through North Bundaberg today as he spotted something unusual in the back of a small truck.

What was this driver thinking?

"Where were the cops?"

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