October 2019

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Why sharing dingo warnings is crucial for the future of both dingoes and people

DINGO DAMAGE: Alerts help, not hinder tourism

"I can't imagine anyone putting the tourism dollar before the welfare of visitors and dingoes."

August 2019

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A CONSERVATIONIST has called for the remaining brumbies on Fraser Island to be removed and rehomed.

Time to remove remaining brumbies: conservationist

"There are no plans to 'remove' the remaining brumbies, the population is not large enough to cause any..."

March 2019

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He said virtually all attacks involved juvenile dingoes that had grown up without a fear of people.

Dingoes on Fraser Coast are 'too tame'

"This suggestion would not work as if you remove 'habituated ' dingoes another pack will just move into..."

October 2017

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The Great Sandy Strait Saviours has been left devastated by a letter stating the Colton Coal Mine will not be put up for Federal Government scrutiny.

Groups vow 'coal mine fight not over yet' despite set back

"The elections are just around the corner, a perfect time to see what the other parties views are and..."

February 2017

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When I was on Fraser Island over the weekend I noticed people getting close to the wreck and some were even climbing sections of it.

Historic wreck can be death trap for inquisitive tourists

"There is nothing left but a shell , it's time as a tourist attraction has past and it is now simply a..."

January 2017

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Dingo concerns rasied at Fraser Island

Dingo deaths raise concerns of 'cull'

"I would like to clear up any misunderstanding regarding the culling of dingoes. QPWS is incorrect in..."

June 2016

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PLANS to extend the Fraser Island World Heritage area to the Cooloola mainland, will mean the end of Tin Can Bay’s dolphin feeding institution.

World Heritage site extension may end dolphin feeding

"World Heritage would not automatically close Dolphin feeding, marine animals come under different..."

January 2016

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IT’S pretty obvious that each time you see a picture or TV footage, the dingoes on Fraser Island are starving.

Letter: Dingoes starving

"We are all concerned for the wildlife on Fraser Island, but it is also important that recommendations..."

October 2014

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JUST how long and what will it take before we see responsible and common sense management of Fraser Island.

LETTER OF THE DAY: Time to give Fraser Island dingoes space

"We do not want the Island reverted to a simple Nature Reserve, this would be a backward step in..."

May 2014

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THE controversial baiting of wild dogs in rural parts of the Sunshine Coast has secured unlikely support from the Wilvos animal rescue group.

Rescue group supports controversial dog baiting program

"You obviously did not understand the post, it was suggested that stakeholders 'think outside the box'..."

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