May 2015

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I ALWAYS thought I had a bucket-load of moxie. But it turns out I didn’t have as much guts as I first thought.

EXPLORE: Best adrenaline rush you can have on sand

"We loved it.!ladies-weekends/c14mp"

September 2014

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ARIA Music Awards winners The Black Sorrows and Clare Bowditch have been confirmed as headline acts at the Hervey Bay Whale Festival’s Whale Aid concert.

Black Sorrows, Clare Bowditch sign on for parade concert

"And the carbon footprint of flying these acts into town is less than the motorised floats in this new..."

June 2014

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AN ANGRY Urangan resident has hit out at council over its lack of action on persistent noise from helicopters at night.

Call for council action as noisy choppers stay up after dark

"Thanks Chronicle. For clarity, what I want is open and honest discussion. I understand the role..."

May 2014

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DESPITE only three councillors taking up his offer of donating their pay rise to charily, businessman Warren Persal will donate more money to charity.

Businessman Warren Persal to donate more to charity

"I imagine Mr Persal is just waiting for the warmer weather so that he can start giving up some of his..."

April 2014

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THE RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter airlifted a teenager after receiving a reported knock to the head while swimming in the Kingfisher Bay Resort pool.

Teen airlifted from Kingfisher Bay Resort pool

"How many times has it attended car accidents on the highway? Perhaps a Levy?"

March 2014

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ON MONDAY, after 12 years selling gifts and antiques, Debbie Lindeberg won’t be opening the doors to her store in the Maryborough CBD.

Tourism decline led to M'boro CBD business closure

"Why is the fate of a very niche business the council's, or anyone else's, responsibility? Businesses..."

February 2014

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A PROPOSED bridge over the Burrum River, expected to cost $30 million, would be built in two stages.

Bridge over the Burrum River would be built in two stages

"I'm all for it. "

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FRASER Coast adults are tipping the scales above average, with stats showing the region’s adult obesity rates are 26% higher than the overall Queensland rate.

Stats show Fraser Coast weighs in above average

"Can we have a link to the stats upon which the story is based please?"

January 2014

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IT HAS been a year of scorching heat and flooding rain for the Fraser Coast and a long-range forecaster has tipped floods for the region in mid-March.

It's dry now but there may be a flood in March

"Stop publicising this guy's predictions. It's not news, it's certainly not science. "

December 2013

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ALMOST 150 disgruntled pipeline workers will be bussed into Gladstone on Friday morning following a mass lay-off less than a week before Christmas.

150 pipeline workers bus into Gladstone after mass lay-off

"Everybody knew that this was a contract job... and that the faster the pipe went in the ground, the..."

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