September 2018

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A TOOWOOMBA councillor has slammed the council's decision to send Deputy Mayor Carol Taylor to an international awards ceremony and conference in Finland.

Councillor slams deputy mayor's Finland awards trip

"No! No! No! This is a junket! Use video conferencing at the Regional Library if the TRC wireless..."

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THE definition of what a greenhouse is has saved a horticultural developer nearly $100,000 in infrastructure charges with the Toowoomba Regional Council.

Definition of 'greenhouse' saved developer nearly $100k

"Must be an election looming; sanity and commonsense prevail."

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A SCHOOLBOY has raised a whopping $1 million for drought-stricken farmers from a humble school campaign launched five weeks ago.

Little legend raises $1m for our farmers

"Australian of the Year!"

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A PHOTO tweeted by QLD Ambulance has garnered praise across the country for the officers who helped fulfil a request for a man travelling to palliative care.

Ambos’ heartwarming act for dying man


August 2018

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AS they mop up from a week of political chaos, some of Tony Abbott’s colleagues are urging the “wrecker” to quit.

Calls mount for Tony Abbott to quit politics

"For the self-servers Tony Abbot was a means to an end! Now that Turnball has been ousted the traitors..."

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WOOLWORTHS says its sales have been hurt by “customers adjusting” to its ban — but Coles is to blame as well.

PROFIT SLUMP: Woolies reveals bag ban pain

"Cry a chilli pepper Woolies - it's business; it's called competition!"

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SOME could argue money is influence, and in some cases, they would be right.

POWER 100: Our #59 fights for Toowoomba

"With all due respect to our political, civic and business leaders - and the secret selectors - such a..."

June 2018

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THE Prime Minister has revealed the Federal Government’s response to the Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse.

National apology for victims of child sex abuse

"Once again victims of the system are being retraumatised by the system which has just created another..."

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