September 2020

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Clive Palmer has gained a reputation for expensive playthings, and lately his newest multimillion-dollar acquisition has been on full display.

Check out Clive Palmer’s $8m new toy

"Thats his personal cash.The other was business involvements which seem to be a different kettle of fish..."

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How Coast compares to nearby cities

‘Keep searching’: Drivers urged to shop around for petrol

"Brisbane diesel is $113--$127 "

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A construction project is on the hunt for female tradies as it tries to set a new record for the number of women on site.

Tradies wanted: Females only apply

"I know a few very talented ones that can tighten nuts without a spanner."

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A ban on immigration could make the next few months a great time to buy a house, with COVID-19 sparking conditions not seen in 40 years.

Experts warn of sharp fall in house prices

"Yet other newspaper articles reckon they are going to shoot up go figure."

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Students as young as 13 are suffering from severe vomiting, while others are reporting chronic bouts of diarrhoea caused by an alarming spike of vaping in high schools.

Schools warn parents as kids get sick from vaping

"Its the illegal ones that do the harm,thanks to online sales. Legally bought ones have a purpose for..."

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The owner of a Volkswagen Passat that had only 18km on the clock when it was bought kept finding recurring problems. A dealer has to give him a full refund.

VW dealer forced to refund $30k three years after purchase

"Its called modern day electronics.After messing around for ever,its usually a censor that is faulty. I..."

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Former Footy Show star Sam Newman is reportedly planning to take legal action against Channel 9 just three months after leaving the network.

Sam Newman wants to sue Channel 9

"Cant speak the truth these days Sam"

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WIDE Bay residents could be waiting "decades" for the Bruce Highway north of Gympie to become a dual carriageway, State Transport Minister Mark Bailey revealed.

MP: Four lanes north of Gympie ‘decades’ away

"If it was a 4 lane bypass of Tiaro,then it would classified as passing lanes surely....2 to 4 then back..."

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Deputy Premier Steven Miles said PM’s ongoing criticism of Queensland’s restrictions was proof that he was 'determined to tear down' the Premier.

PM 'determined to tear down Palaszczuk'

"WA wont let anyone in,SA,all but Vic and NSW,but its close to letting NSW in.Tassie,no one from hot..."

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