May 2018

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From time to time we will all be unhappy with the decisions others make.

OUR SAY: We need to demonstrate respect to our children

"He won't have learned any valuable lesson in my opinion..."

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We held discussions with senior State Government ministers about these and other issues.

MAYOR'S MESSAGE: Big week ahead for Fraser Coast council

"Love the line 'keeping rates low'. Don't you mean 'we need to drastically LOWER the rates for the..."

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Fraser Coast community responds to Mcdonald’s being slammed by a mother for not cutting up grapes

Community reacts: Mum slams Maccas

"What a comedic society we now have!"

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Schedule changes to flights at the Hervey Bay Airport have led to passenger numbers dwindling for the first time in the financial year

Passenger numbers dwindle at Fraser Coasts airport

"I think the main problem is the flight timing to Sydney. Always will be a problem leaving at lunchtime..."

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A SUNSHINE Coast security guard has been knocked out and hospitalised after a "big” brawl overnight.

Sports bar brawl sees security guard knocked out

"Ah, well there's the first mistake. You mixed alcohol with Australian males...."

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WELCOME to the budget, where everything’s made up and the numbers don’t matter. Here’s why you shouldn’t believe Scott Morrison, Frank Chung writes.

'It's all made up': Why Budget is one huge lie

"In actual fact Australians have very POOR long term memories. When a labor government stuffs up, they..."

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HOWARD woman Sue Watson might be one of the biggest winners from this year's Federal Budget

BUDGET: Fraser Coast resident, MPs have their say

"Tax cuts indeed! Piddle in the ocean if you ask me whilst the pollies get richer and richer. We are one..."

April 2018

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Strike action was first taken by Carinity Education teachers in November last year.

Hervey Bay teachers set to take strike action

"We should pay teachers what they're worth...... Oh, hang would be hard for them to..."

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AUSTRALIA’S freeloading “kidults” are living it up thanks to the Bank of Mum and Dad. Here’s why the freebies have got to end.

Why ‘free ride’ should stop at 19

"In my day I had to start paying board at 16 - the day I started work. I cannot believe how many parents..."

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BILLIONS of dollars of tenants’ cash is tied up in rental bonds but under a new plan the “tax on renters” would be returned.

The $4bn plan to ditch rent bonds: Is it worth the risk?

"I would add that 'a lot' of renters do the right thing when it comes to bonds, not 'most..."

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