April 2018

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March 2018

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The prospect of raising young women in a world where we tell them to take a stand against domestic violence only to be undermined.

Our justice system has failed us again

"Domestic violence will continue and escalate to be a huge issue in the community unless courts do..."

January 2018

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When James Bird last visited Lake McKenzie, he was expecting the usual peaceful atmosphere - instead, he received the opposite.

Resident calls for ban on radios at sacred Fraser spot

"A polite walk up and asking to please turn it down... "

December 2017

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KEITH Pitt has been dumped from the Federal Government's junior ministry while his rookie backbench colleague David LittleProud has been promoted.

Pitt dumped from junior ministry

"Fallout from SSM vote?"

August 2017

March 2017

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Chronicle reader Maggie Francic shares a bunch of beautiful photos from around the region showcasing sunsets, wildlife and the beautiful Scarness Pier.

YOUR PICS: Stunning Fraser Coast

"Thank you for publishing my photos. I have to say though that number 4 in your slideshow is not mine..."

February 2017

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Nitro watching the Sunrise

Nitro watching the Sunrise

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Sunrise Toogoom Beach

Sunrise Toogoom Beach

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