September 2019

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Queensland's Premier has failed to give assurances there will be adequate power in the Heritage City's grid to sustain energy needs for the munitions factory

POWER PLEA: No assurance M'boro grid will meet factory needs

"I agree Vagabond, the first thing about looking for a site to build a factory is to look at the basic..."

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One of the Fraser Coast's biggest residential estates will double in size after the council signed off on a key development application

HOUSING BOOM: Massive Bay expansion given green light

"If anyone has read the recommendations of this Development Application, they would have read words such..."

July 2019

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Ratepayers will be forced to foot the clean-up bill after dozens of foreshore trees in the Point Vernon area were targeted and killed

Council vows 'drastic action' after foreshore trees poisoned

"Councillor David Lewis a practising legal practitioner would be well aware that the council has no..."

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Steadying herself against the machine she'll use to take vitals of a dozen patients in just minutes, a visibly exhausted nurse looks out at a full waiting room.

UNDER PRESSURE: Inside hospital's chaotic new ED

"This paints a totally different picture to the one which the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Steven..."

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A petition has been launched and the mayor forced to explain after an apparent blunder at Seafront Oval, Hervey Bay

SEAFRONT STUFF-UP: Outrage as popular Bay oval 're-named'

"Below is the text of an email I sent to the Mayor George Seymour. He refused to answer my questions and..."

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A petition has been launched and the mayor forced to explain after an apparent blunder at Seafront Oval, Hervey Bay

SEAFRONT STUFF-UP: Outrage as popular Bay oval 're-named'

"Who was responsible for that signage being put up? How much did that signage and its removal cost the..."

May 2019

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The analysis listed Maryborough as one of the 16 most "at-risk” seats in next year's state election.

M’boro MP blames federal election loss on ‘disliked’ Shorten

"In 5 days Bruce Saunders has done a 180° turn around on ALP policy. He must be getting worried about..."

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Accusations of assault at a Maryborough venue have been levelled at Labor MP Bruce Saunders in an astonishing parliamentary row

'Take it outside dog': MP row over assault claim

"Quote “Paul was cleared by police, it showed there was no incident” If that is so why did Craig..."

April 2019

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Property, land or development proposals for the council's new Maryborough administration building will be sought by councillors at Wednesday's meeting

Calls for M'boro land to build new admin centre

"Councillor Sanderson has failed to read and understand what he and his fellow councillor's voted on at..."

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Mr Diehm said the vehicle had the ability to quickly pick up speed, adding that it hardly seemed to strain the engine, unlike a typical petrol engine.

Electric vehicles could add to Fraser Coast fleet: CEO

"RodneyM6, based on Mr McGarvie's published figures of 250km per charge the batteries would need..."

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