January 2018

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Fraser Coast Chronicle readers have weighed-in on the issue of smokers' rights.

Where you stand on smoker rights...

"I was at the Burra Burnouts on the weekend. Stood away from anybody to have a fag when asked by..."

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June 2016

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WE ask, are sentences becoming too lenient after an unsuspecting man was headbutted and left bleeding when a drunk 19-year-old attacked him out of nowhere.

YOUR SAY: If you commit the crime you should do the time

"What happened to doing 75% of the term before parole???? "

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He says we can put up to 15,000 bums on seats and pull in big sports

15,000-seat stadium on Saunders' wishlist for region

"What's wrong with Esdale Park just needs a referb. Footy Soccer Can be used for a number of sporting..."

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OUR SAY: Are sentences becoming too lenient?

"Yes that would be a great idea it was an option back in the 70's from memory. 2 years in the armed..."

December 2015

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FRASER Coast residents aren’t alone when they feel like their electricity bill is on the increase.

Fraser Coast receives a nasty power shock

"With rising power coast a few years ago i put up a small stand alone solar unit to run my Radio Room as..."

August 2014

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A CHILDERS farmer has called for a law change to make it mandatory for international backpackers to sit a driving test.

Farmer's call for backpackers to sit driving tests

"I have been driving for more than 30 years and in the past 10 to 15 years I have noticed that some back..."

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