November 2018

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The tragic death of bike rider Cameron Frewer on Monday has seen many people voice their opinions on cycling and road safety.

OUR SAY: Common courtesy on roads is the key

"I'm fortunate to cover many thousands of kilometres driving each year. Yet I never have an issue with..."

August 2018

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Dual cabs are hot property...but this thing trumps any modern ute.

Jason New's 1967 Kombi Dual Cab

"Queensland law states light vehicles that are at least 30 years old may remain left hand drive. "

May 2018

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Bidders spend big coin on Aussie and European classics at Shannons Late Autumn Auction in Sydney.

Classic right-hand drive Jaguar achieves $128,000 at auction

"According to data, there were only 192 steel-bodied XK120s delivered in Australia. "

April 2017

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THE Queensland Government will review a trial of special spots to encourage drivers to pull over in order to send and receive text messages.

Could 'texting bays' be coming to Qld highways?

"This functionality is essentially standard in the majority of cars. It's not's simple..."

March 2017

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It is dangerous to cyclists who have to ride out onto the road and risk death and injury from passing vehicles.

How about a fee for cyclists to repair roads?

"Registration fees simply go into consolidated revenue. Roads are funded through general taxation – we..."

February 2017

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Holden will be the last mainstream manufacturer to build cars in Australia, with Toyota to start winding down from August.

Toyota to finish Australian manufacturing on October 3

"The 2018 model Camry will arrive later this year with a V6 option...just the Aurion nameplate will be..."

January 2017

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Set to arrive later this year, the fastback Kia Stinger GT is looking to pick up where the departing Australian-made Commodore and Falcon leave a hole.

Hot new Kia Stinger GT to fill Commodore and Falcon hole

"The latest from Kia Australia chief Damien Meredith is between $40,000-$50,000."

April 2016

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Many people have a hatred of cyclists. The problem is not riders, its our failure to train drivers.

OPINION: Drivers need training and tolerance for cyclists

"As the picture indicates, it's during the Buderim 9, staged on open roads but with a police escort..."

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