May 2017

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I HATE to say it, but it seems Pauline Hanson was right all along.

Hate to say it, but Pauline Hanson was right all along

"Six. We are talking six... and they were discovered, which means that they did NOT go off the radar..."

March 2017

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Maryborough Correctional Centre has been consistently at about 20% over capacity for the past few years.

We need new prisons, says Together Union representative

"Building more gaols/jails is one solution. Of course, recognizing the fact that prevention is better..."

November 2016

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AN UNDERCOVER police car towing a horse float has been snapped pulling over motorists in Morayfield.

This is not your usual undercover cop car

"Sadly, I have never owned a horse... but I love horses and know that some do not enjoy being floated. ..."

August 2016

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A POST on Fraser Coast Brickbats and Bouquets has caused a debate about cyclists slowing traffic in the region.

Cyclists slammed on social media for slowing traffic

"Firstly, let's get rid of the registration issue: for example, I pay 3 registrations but when I ride..."

July 2016

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Places of worship were the focus in Hervey Bay's meeting on Wednesday.

Anti-mosque petition divides council amid fierce debate

"Bouquets to George Seymour (and the others who voted down this repulsive petition) for having the guts..."

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'What message is the judge sending to the community with it?'

Coast condemns child sex offender sentence

"Can we just focus for a minute, before we go rampaging down the street with pitchforks and flaming..."

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OPINION: It's time for harsher punishments for sex offenders

"It will cost us (the community) $55,000 to gaol this man for only 6 months, so we have to check what we..."

May 2016

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THIS hair-raising video shows why you should always be wary of crests.

DASHCAM: Police investigating Childers truck near miss

"I have played the video a few times and I can't see any evidence of the prime mover on the wrong side..."

March 2016

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One would need both a legal degree and a history degree to even begin to decipher the logic behind many of our laws.

OPINION: Penalties out of step with crimes

"I am sure that the legal system is truly bewildering to anyone who has not had the benefit of studying..."

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