September 2020

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"A negative result today doesn't indicate a false positive in the previous test"

UPDATE: Follow-up sewage tests find no sign of COVID-19

"The numbers in Victoria are dropping but it is still spreading because they are still protesting..."

August 2020

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Pharmacists have been asked to provide testing for COVID-19 in a trial that has the potential to end in disaster, writes Jessica Marszalek.

Why coronavirus testing in pharmacies is a terrible plan

"Stupid, stupid, stupid. Aside from the safety aspect of Pharmacy customers there are still only the..."

June 2020

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Blackwater residents are “pissed off” and don’t believe a State Government apology is enough, following Nathan Turner’s coronavirus misdiagnosis

Town furious over COVID-19 mistake

"Well said! Sad as it is, they would have at risk it it was positive and nothing was done about it at..."

April 2020

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A video of a Swedish backpacker sunbaking on an Australian beach has emerged, showing the tourist asking “give me a $1200 fine”.

‘Fine me’: Flouting backpacker dares police

"What part of the rules don't you understand? Go to the beach for a swim if you want to but then go..."

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A woman has been labelled ‘petulant and selfish’ for breaching quarantine orders, twice being found wandering Fortitude Valley. When a $1,300 fine didn’t deter her, she landed in the watchhouse and was today blasted by a magistrate.

Outrageous reason ‘petulant’ woman breached quarantine

"These people who blatantly disregard the rules should be locked up. Then they might realize what most..."

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A Chinese company in Australia has sent an explosive email to staff telling them to stockpile medical supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Chinese companies stockpiling city's medical supplies

"An example of what happens when you sell Australia businesses to foreign companies. We lose control of..."

July 2015

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HOW far south could saltwater crocodiles come?

Photos reveal how far into SEQ salt water crocs have come

"Back in the 1950's a very large salty was shot in the Logan river at Waterford (up stream of Beenleigh..."

February 2015

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A MARYBOROUGH family is shaken after a massive fig tree came crashing down in their yard while children played on Wednesday afternoon.

Massive fig tree crashes while children play in yard

"If you read the last sentence it says, " Ms Lindsey said the owner had just recently had a quote on..."

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A SOUTH Grafton woman driven out of her backyard by a savage two-metre snake is warning parents, the elderly and pet owners to be wary.

Woman driven out of her backyard by a savage two-metre snake

"Maybe not hunt but some snakes do chase people. We had a taipan come from halfway across the empty..."

November 2014

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THE refurbished Westpac Bank at Stockland Hervey Bay is offering customers 24 hour banking services to make lives less stressful.

Refurbished bank offering 24-hour services

"Heritage bank is open Saturday morning and has been for years."

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