July 2019

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With pieces of Nikenbah's rich railway history sitting in an empty lot on Maggs Hill Rd, Richard Horniblow knew something had to be done to save it

NEW ATTRACTION: Rail village to draw families, preserve past

"MELSA ?? I hope this project gets a green light."

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Fishermen had a code before the government stepped in with regulations and reforms.

New state reforms will cripple industry, fishers say

"Over fishing has depleted the mullet stocks Howard, not rules and regulations."

February 2019

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High winds and dry temperatures proved a treacherous combination for firefighters as they battled to contain a monster blaze in rural scrubland.

GALLERY: Homes threatened by massive fire

"Bush fires dont ignite they are lit by people; who lit this fire in these windy conditions ? Have they..."

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Ministers at state and federal levels have provided mixed responses to renewed calls for a pipeline to be built from Paradise Dam to the Maryborough region

Mixed feelings for pipeline plans from Paradise Dam

"Spot on Wife of Jehovah.....Bennett's failure to support this pipeline is a no- brainer, but if the cap..."

January 2019

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Gary Kelly used the excess water from filling up his fire truck's hose to wipe some of the soot from his face

VIDEO: Second coast fire in 48 hours for local hero crews

"3 fires within a few k of each other suggests the same fire bug lit them all....has he / she / they..."

January 2018

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ONE of the most beautiful experiences we can have is to swim in Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island.

LETTER: We go to Lake McKenzie to enjoy nature not the radio

"It is NOISE POLLUTION not the radio / music what ever.....and it is everywhere !!"

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November 2017

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MARYBOROUGH MP Bruce Saunders has called for the "politics of hate" to stop after police arrested a man for making threats against him.

Man arrested with threatening Maryborough MP

"These phone message threats against Bruce and his family are the tip of the iceberg and I hope he takes..."

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The company excavated soil from a nearby dam and placed it on the marine plants.

Company fined $40,000 for damaging marine plants at Toogoom

"Why do you not tell us readers just who these companies and people are ?"

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