There’s an alternative to chocolate at this decadent time of year – black sapote – and they are ripe for the season. CHECK...

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21st April 2019 10:04 AM

HERBS. Many of us just sprinkle them onto food to add a bit of flavour, but to Isabell Shipard herbs are much more than a...

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03rd Aug. 2013 6:08 AM

THERE’S no doubt that the most widely grown fruit in the home garden in our part of the world is citrus.


28th July 2013 6:07 PM

MOST of the vegetables we grow are annuals. They grow quickly, and are ready for harvest in only a few months, sometimes...

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21st July 2013 6:07 PM

GARDENING innovation is on our door step with community gardens, patio and rooftop gardens, and soon, high rises built only...

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18th March 2013 3:03 PM