CREED 2 lands blows in all the right places. All those hard-fought wins and heartbreaking losses from 40 years of Rocky...

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29th Nov. 2018 9:11 AM

JOHN Rambo remains a man on a mission, thanks to Sylvester Stallone, who has committed to kickstarting the hit franchise...

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08th May 2018 9:05 AM

Actor pushes himself in extreme workout.

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14th March 2018 1:03 PM

CHIN ups at any age are hard work. But try doing them in your eighth decade on earth. With 45kg strapped to your...

sylvester stallone

14th March 2018 12:03 PM

DOLPH Lundgren is set to reprise his role as Ivan Drago in Creed 2, due out later this year. See the mountain of a man...

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16th Jan. 2018 3:01 PM