He's 'willing' to be interviewed under oath by special counsel Robert Mueller, who is looking into whether Trump's campaign...

2016 presidential election campaign collusion fbi director james comey hillary clinton michael flynn national security adviser robert mueller russia witch hunt

25th Jan. 2018 1:01 PM

Steve Bannon, recently disavowed by US President Donald Trump, will discuss his time with the Trump campaign and the White...

2016 presidential election donald trump fire and fury book robert mueller russian meddling special counsel steve bannon white house

18th Jan. 2018 5:01 PM

President lashes out in the hope of diverting attention away from guilty plea by former National Security Adviser

2016 presidential election clinton investigation donald trump fbi director fbi reputation james comey michael flynn russian election meddling tatters

04th Dec. 2017 1:12 PM