Figures from the council reveal its staff bill has exploded in the past few years despite almost no change in employee...

council finances council staff gympie council gympie council budget gympie regional council

06th Nov. 2020 6:11 AM

New CEO Shane Gray is turning over every rock in the organisation to deliver the promise of transparency

council gympie council gympie councillors gympie regional council local government

19th Oct. 2020 6:10 AM

The ATO has been asked to rule on the matter after concerns were raised that the heritage train was not eligible for the...

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15th Oct. 2020 9:10 AM

From a police minister caught without a licence to a wild brawl at the council, there has been no shortage of political...

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07th Oct. 2020 6:10 AM

Mayor, CEO question how deal for design of Imbil infrastructure was accepted as written

council gympie council gympie regional council gympie water imbil

31st Aug. 2020 6:08 AM

Along with accommodation in serviced rooms, it will also boast a salon, day spa, outdoor areas and a lounge, dining and...

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28th Aug. 2020 6:08 AM

Some visionary, controversial projects touted for this region have vanished in a puff of smoke over the years

gina rinehart gympie council gympie regional council mary valley tin can bay traveston dam

10th Aug. 2020 5:08 AM

30 Gympie businesses were hit, and now parliament hears Ri-Con raises questions about council due diligence

building industry gympie council gympie regional council ri-con state government

17th July 2020 1:07 PM

Mayor says an organisational failure meant comments given to State were without direction

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06th July 2020 9:07 AM