Event a chance to remember significance of oceans and whales

fcwhales hervey bay whales

27th July 2020 3:07 AM

Humpback whales in Hervey Bay swim by Liz Carter's boat.

fcwhales hervey bay humpbacks hervey bay whales whale watching

12th July 2020 8:07 AM

Humpback whales are returning to Hervey Bay, but authorities warn boaties to keep their distance.

hervey bay whales humpback whale migration leanne enoch queensland

13th June 2020 6:06 AM

Marine biologist offers expert opinion about changing birthing habits and the impact of climate change

climate change hervey bay whales humpback whales whales whale watching

22nd Oct. 2019 5:10 PM

Now is not the time to become complacent and rest on our 'world whale capital' laurels

fcopinion fcoursay hervey bay whales whale watching

22nd Oct. 2019 12:10 PM

Marine biologist says there's one thing would-be rescuers need to help save whales

hervey bay whales hervey bay whale watching whale rescue

19th Oct. 2019 7:10 AM