A “doctor love” is putting the mojo back into bedrooms with ‘sex shots’ claiming to heighten orgasm intensity and increase...

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30th Aug. 2019 7:08 AM

CAROLYN was told she should ditch her morning coffee for a week and replace it with this solo pleasure. The results are...

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ARE you really a sex god or could your partner be stretching the truth? Gold Coast researchers have found out why you may...

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WITHHOLDING pee and only letting it go just minutes before it bursts could be the new way to orgasm, a Reddit user...

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GINNY Atchinson used to enjoy having sex at least once a week. Now, she has been left shattered by the news she’ll never be...

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AMY Gledhill has a condition called situational anorgasmia, which used to be embarrassing and affect her sex life. This is...

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MELISSA Ambrosini thinks there is one particular wellness habit we all need to adopt - which could not only improve your...

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23rd Dec. 2017 11:12 AM

I WAS 32 years old and married to someone else when my new lover gave me my very first orgasm. *WARNING: GRAPHIC...

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FIFTY orgasms a day may sound fun, but these people say it’s ruining their lives.

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A 29-YEAR-OLD in the UK who fronted up to hospital had doctors asking some awkward questions.

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18th Nov. 2017 8:11 AM