EMERGENCY services freed a family trapped in a storm-wrecked building.

clifton editors picks severe storm wild weather

22nd Jan. 2020 4:01 AM

Here’s what to expect after the wild weekend weather, which left large swathes of the city resembling a makeshift water...

bom drought forecasts rain storms wild weather

21st Jan. 2020 10:01 AM

A brutal hailstorm has lashed Canberra with icy stones the size of golf balls as Sydney braces for an afternoon of rain...

climate change editors picks extreme weather hail hail storm storms weather wild weather

20th Jan. 2020 2:01 PM

Roads have been closed and theme parks are flooded after a “one-in-100-year” thunderstorm caused havoc in southeast...

dangerous editors picks queensland seniors-news thunderstorm wild weather

18th Jan. 2020 5:01 PM

The Bureau of Meteorology is heralding the return of “typical Queensland weather” with showers and storms forecast...

climate editors picks rain showers weather wild weather

12th Jan. 2020 7:01 PM

As Australia continues to burn, a climate scientist has warned more extreme weather is on the way, bringing cyclones...

bushfire crisis climate change climate expert cyclones editors picks floods seniors-news wild weather

07th Jan. 2020 5:01 AM

Stunning images show how far the smoke plume from Australia’s bushfires has travelled – it has now crossed entire oceans.

bushfire crisis bushfires climate change editors picks major weather event seniors-news wild weather

06th Jan. 2020 4:01 PM

Just as a heatwave is about to hit fire-affected parts of Australia, police have arrested a man who emerged from bushland...

bushfires climate change editors picks fireys heatwave increased bushfires wild weather

28th Dec. 2019 7:12 PM

A bowl of searing heat is set to build in the centre of Australia in the run up to summer leading to more heatwaves as the...

climate climate change climate crisis editors picks extinction rebellion fire risk heatwave rain seniors-news weather wild weather

15th Oct. 2019 3:10 PM